About us / naše hodnoty

Civil association Pastor Bonus was established in 2005.  The purpose of this association is to spread solidarity, mutual tolerance among peoples and to bring moral values leading to heal our society. This purpose is being fulfilled by organizing a large amount of activities realizing this mission.

Our values:

• Protection of human life from conception till natural death

• General support for family (founded by man and woman)

• Protection a developing of  religious freedom in society

• Return to the ideas and values of founders and fathers of united Europe – Robert Schumann and Konrad Adenauer

Marek Nikolov

President of Pastor bonus

Marcel Podolinský

Vice-president of Pastor bonus

Support us

If you like our values, activities and projects, you can also support us financially, by donating to:

VUB bank, Acc.no: 2055638457/0200.

Thank you